Podpis smlouvy na koupi bytu.


Conditions for financing purchase of an apartment in Rezidence Čámovka

You can make a reservation with a down payment of CZK 90,000 incl. VAT due 5 business days after signing the reservation agreement (this down payment is part of the purchase price). The second installment – 15% of the purchase price incl. VAT – is due 10 business days after signing the future purchase agreement, and the remainder (85%) of the purchase price incl. VAT (not including the down payment) is due 10 business days after receiving the investor’s call to pay. The investor will send this call after the final occupancy approval has been granted and the proposal for entry of the owner’s affidavit has been filed with the Cadaster.

Kupní smlouva

The most cost-effective mortgage for our clients

We know that finding suitable financing is critical for any real estate purchase. That’s why we have put together a cost-effective mortgage for purchasing your new apartment with as little paperwork as possible. HYPOASISTENT will help you choose a product (low interest rate mortgages, 90% mortgage, business mortgages, mortgages for young people, mortgages with alternative proof of income, mortgages with savings, etc.), advise you on choosing an interest rate and help prepare all the necessary documentation. HYPOASISTENT will also arrange a free assessment for your apartment and communicate with the Land Registry and mortgage bank.


Gain access to the entire mortgage market in one spot and a special package from several leading banks:

  • option of securing a low interest rate today and taking out the mortgage later
  • NO mortgage processing fee
  • NO mortgage administration fee
  • NO assessment fee
  • discounted interest rate for clients on this project

time line

  • Non-binding reservation (3-5 days after your visit)
  • Signature of reservation contract
  • Payment of reservation fee
  • Signature of future purchase contract
  • Payment of 15 % of purchase price
  • Final occupancy approval
  • Unit pre-hand over
  • Payment of 85 % of purchase price
  • Signature of purchase contract
  • Unit hand over

If you’re considering financing your real estate purchase with a mortgage, a mortgage calculator can help you make a quick approximate calculation. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide discreet advice and prepare a mortgage calculation for you at any bank.

Monthly installment 7 086 Kč
Terasa bytu na prodej v Praze 8, Čimicích.