Ložnice s balkónem

What will be living at Čámovka like?

Space for a comfortable life

Čámovka was designed for you to find a real home where you will always be happy to return. Both the Residence as a whole and the individual apartments are connected by an emphasis on esthetics in conjunction with functional details for comfortable everyday life near the Čimice Valley. Each of the 148 apartments is characterized by clean lines, sophisticated layouts, cozy rooms and plenty of storage space. In short, our goal is to make sure you don’t miss anything in your new home.

Privacy comes first

The entrance door is the imaginary gate to the apartments. The door will be equipped with security fittings and EI 30 fire resistance. The soundproofing of Rw = 32 will provide protection against external noise so that you can enjoy your home comfort undisturbed. You can choose interior doors in wood or pure white decors. The doors are supplied by the Czech company Sapeli.

Prostorný pokoj
Obývací pokoj s terasou
Plovoucí podlaha

Stylish floors inspired by nature

An important element of every apartment is also its floor. A standard part of housing units at Čámovka will be a laminate floating floor in several decors and with a load class of 31, which is suitable for use in residential areas. For an additional fee, we will equip your apartment with a floating floor with a higher load class (32), which is also used in commercial areas. If you demand more, you can choose a vinyl floor on cork as part of client changes. It just depends on your preferences.

Surfaces that withstand a lot

The Čámovka architects have chosen a timeless white abrasion-resistant paint that will never go out of fashion. For the bathroom, you can choose from three series and several colors of high-quality ceramic wall tiles in the size of 30 × 60 cm and floor tiles of 60 × 60 cm. For practical reasons, these floor tiles are also used for the apartment halls and corridors. The view of the forested Čimice Valley will be even more pleasant thanks to wooden windows in dark walnut decor with insulating double glazing.
Mramorový povrch

Sophisticated common areas

You can park your car in the underground garages monitored by a CCTV system. The parking area will be entered through a rolling garage door with remote control which will close automatically after each car. There will also be your own cellar space where you can store, for example, seasonal necessities. The common areas will include energy-saving lights with motion sensors and, of course, an elevator in each of the apartment buildings.

Accurate measurement of heat consumption

The entire Čámovka complex will be heated by a smart hot water system with a central heat exchanger station. The heat consumed by each of the housing units is accurately measured by calorimeters located in the common corridor of the relevant floor. Steel plate heaters with a thermostatic head or a floor convector will take care of the optimal temperature in the apartments. Each of the bathrooms will be equipped with ladder heated towel rails.

BREEAM certificate

We are one of the pioneers of sustainable development and construction of green buildings in the Czech Republic. Čámovka is no exception, holding the BREEAM certificate in the design stage at the Very Good level. During certification, the project is assessed in a large number of categories. The fact that you will find energy-saving faucets and dual toilet cisterns in your apartments, as well as lots of greenery and a children’s playground in the park, is really just the icing on the cake.